About us

Hello dear visitors!

We are glad to greet you on the site.
My name is Nataliia Klymenko. I am the leader of breed Devon Rex Feline Alliance in Ukraine (WCF).
My cattery is named JABULANI, Joy and logged in FAU (WCF) and Rolandus (RUI).
We are Devon Rex . Our aim is breeding work on breeding animals of modern type, rare colors, with a stable psyche.
Our kittens grow up in a loving family atmosphere – we do not accept cell contents, cats have been fed super premium Acana, Proformans holistic, use a filler Gimpet much time we devote education of our kittens. For every future owner remembered us with gratitude!

Contact us by phone in Kiev +38 063 233-61-51.
We are always happy to answer all your questions!